Hi, my name’s Lubos, and I am ‘bi’ …

Welcome to my ‘bi’ world.

I know, that for some people the word ‘bi’ could be quite unsettling. Not too long ago if you admitted being bi, you risked a lot. Not anymore. Yes, there are some people who don’t get it. But mostly when you say, that you are bi, people are a little bit intrigued by it. And they will not give you a hard time. Of course, that is true only if you are bi-sexual. If you are bi-polar, that, at least for now, is entirely another story.

It’s funny, how an appendix placed after the ‘bi’ can change everything.

Nevertheless, I decided to come ‘out of the closet’. I am not the first one to do so, there are many others like me, who came out. They came out, often scared. They came out with questions: “Will it be OK? “Will they accept me? Or will I have to hide?” But they did it to bring awareness to the illness. They did it to help others suffering from bipolar disorder. I came out because I want to do the same. I created Bipolar World to bring awareness to bipolar disorder.

In the world are millions of us, polar warriors. Battling through the days, learning how to cope. Not only with the illness, which attacked our brains. Sometimes the worst battles we have, are triggered by those around us. Be it from ignorance or from malice. Some remarks and actions can make our lives even harder. Especially during times of our ‘ups’ and ‘downs’.

I want Bipolar World to become the place you will come for information about bipolarity. It does not matter why. You might be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. You might be concerned, that you have bipolar disorder. Or you might know someone or suspect that someone has bipolar disorder. This is the place, where bipolar disorder will be demystified.  This is the place to learn, what bipolar disorder is and how it affects our brains. This is the place to share the methods we use to tackle bipolar disorder. A place to share the tools we use to take our brains back from bipolar disorder. It doesn’t matter why you want information about bipolar, this is the place to be.

Or better said, this will be the place to be. As you can see, this website is under development. I do thank you for checking us out.

What you can do now?

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  • And you can mark your calendar to come back on 10th April 2019 to find out how far we progressed with website.

Until then have an amazing time 🙂